Prepare for fall with RD Naturals holistic nutrition

Prepare for fall with RD Naturals holistic nutrition


To say that the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked all kinds of havoc on society is an understatement. Businesses were hurt- in some cases, irreparably ruined- by the lack of steady revenue. Families and friends were forced to keep away from each other for months. And, of course, some people who caught the novel coronavirus became very sick- and some of those people succumbed to the virus’s various attacks on their bodies, and lost their lives.

One unpleasant effect that the COVID-19 pandemic has had that may not be as talked about? By walking around in public with masks, or even not venturing out into the public at all, people have gone a full year and a half now without exposing themselves to various diseases. Now, by itself, that may sound like a good thing. But it gets a little tricky.

The idea of the hygiene hypothesis- the theory that introduction to certain viruses or bacteria helps children develop a stronger immune system- has been debunked to a degree. But experts do generally agree that after a year or a year and a half of wearing masks and social distancing, people’s immune systems may be rusty from lack of action- and the exposure to more germs could lead to a person getting sicker than he or she normally would

With the pandemic seemingly beginning to wind down (fingers crossed!) and the season of autumn upon us, the recipe is there for people to not feel so great within a few days of being in public. No, we’re not telling you that you shouldn’t resume normal life! In fact, quite the opposite; we’re just here to help you reduce the odds that your return to normal life results in you feeling crummy.


Help your immune system fight back with RD Naturals’ elderberry products

RD Naturals offers a wide variety of elderberry products that contain everything you’ll need to help your immune system punch back against those nasty germs and illnesses. The best part about those elderberry products? They team up with your immune system in more ways than one.

A well-rounded defense system

Elderberry has a very high concentration of vitamins A, B, and C, as well as antioxidants that not only work in tandem with your immune system, but are known to help strengthen your heart as well. Elderberry products are also very useful in your body’s fight against inflammation, which is generally regarded as a great way to decrease your risk for chronic conditions such as heart diseases or various forms of cancer.

Thus, by feeding your body a healthy dose of elderberry products, you do so much more than simply help stave off common colds. You’re helping your body build a massive army of soldiers that are designated to keep you healthy for the long run.

So as we go into fall, we’re entering the perfect time of year for you to introduce your body to the wonders of elderberry. RSV infections are getting people sick since people have been wearing masks for two years, and thus, immune systems are naturally weaker.

Help your body prepare for that with holistic nutrition. Help prepare your immune system to build cells to fight. And hopefully, help your immune system amass the weaponry it needs to keep you healthy for decades to come.

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