“Thank you so much for the Elderberry syrup. You have gained a loyal, lifelong customer.  I also want to tell you that before now, I have never tried elderberry syrup or tincture. Shortly after receiving your products in the mail, everyone in my house started coming down with a summer cold that was going around. I had everyone taking the syrup and it passed within a couple days. While other people we know had the cold linger for a couple weeks. So again a big thank you.”

- Jennifer (September 2019)

“I believe my family’s use of your syrup has benefitted us immensely. We’ve all had colds this winter and have recovered in about a day. I was the last to succumb and was absolutely convinced that I had the flu. I started feeling the symptoms and upped the frequency of usage of the syrup to every 4 hours. I kept checking my temperature because of my chills and body aches; certain each time that I had a temperature. I never developed a temperature and the next day, I was a little congested but all other symptoms were gone. Amazing stuff!”

— Tiffany (Mt. Pleasant, SC)

“I gave Olivia a dose of tincture yesterday afternoon and then again last night and put her to bed. She woke up today like a new person. She has a little cough but otherwise is feeling so much better! She couldn’t even move yesterday. That tincture is magical! I also made sure Andrew and I had some last night to prevent getting anything."

— Andrea (Daniel Island, SC)

“I’ve been taking the Elderberry 4 times per day since Tuesday. I feel so much better. Sore throat is just about gone. Usually when I get sick it starts in my throat and ends up turning into a sinus infection or bronchitis. Not this time. I think I caught it with your help. So thank you very much. I’m going to continue my 4 doses for another day or two and then maybe a dose a day just to be sure. I appreciate your quick response to my message the other day. I feel very lucky to have you so close by on DI. Happy Summer and thanks again!”

- Gina (Daniel Island, SC)

“Elderberry syrup is amazing! It works to build up my immune system. My household and I use it when we’re sick. My husband had an annoying cough, he took this and it stopped! Great product.” - Bridget (Charleston, SC)

“I have to say that I have never known anyone that researches food and their scientific effect on the body quite like Sara! She is amazing.”

- Carolyn (Mt. Pleasant, SC)

“Not only does Sara provide excellent products, she also provides amazing customer service! My husband, my boys, and myself enjoy our daily dose of elderberry syrup, and kombucha! Thank you, Sara!”

- Keiarra (Charleston, SC)

“When I first moved to Daniel Island and heard about a lady selling Elderberry syrup and how much it helped with the flu, cold and allergies, I was very skeptical.  A nurse friend of mine told me about Sara Gail’s elderberry syrup almost 2 years ago and I just shrugged it off.  I am a kidney transplant patient and received my gift of life almost 20 years ago and very skeptical of anything, as was my doctor.  However, after developing allergies and colds and being hospitalized two years ago, I asked my doctor and my transplant nurses if I could try it.  They said yes, and needless to say I keep it in my refrigerator all year long now.  That was almost a year ago, and I have not had any problems. Even my husband is a believer now. Once I feel a cold coming on, or even my allergies start up I start taking it.  I have told so many people about it from Florida to North Carolina and they are believers.  Even my  transplant nurses ask me to bring them some when I go to Charlotte for my checkups.”

 - Sandi (Charleston, SC)

“I found Elderlane through Instagram. I ordered and was hooked. The product tastes great. I haven't been sick at all this fall/winter and everyone in my family loves it. Sara is super responsive with questions. I'd recommend it to everyone.”

– Katie (Virginia Beach, VA)

“I have been using the elderberry syrup from Elderlane for 2 years now.  I have been healthier and have not had any colds or viruses.  I attribute my health to taking one spoonful a day.   I make sure I have an extra bottle to give to my grown children when they visit.  My oldest daughter will call and say I’m almost out of the syrup, please order more for me.  And the best part is delicious!”

– Brigid (Daniel Island, SC)

My 16 year old daughter, who is very particular, will only take Elderlane Elderberry syrup.  She won't even try other brands.  That's a huge compliment! 

I love Elderlane Elderberry syrup.  I moved from Mount Pleasant SC to Washington State about a year ago, and tried multiple other Elderberry syrups locally and none of them tastes as great as RD Naturals.  It is delicious and keeps me healthy.  

They have been wonderful about quickly shipping me both syrups and the drops. I order them for myself out here on the West coast and send them to my daughter in college in Ohio.  

I am a primary care provider and am exposed to sick people daily.  I believe that I stay healthy in part, because of this product.  Absolutely the best Elderberry products in my opinion!


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