The five main benefits of elderberry for children

The five main benefits of elderberry for children

In a prior blog post, we at RD Naturals touched on the fact that elderberry can be a surprisingly effective weapon to equip to your immune system. The effects that elderberry can have in your body’s everlasting fight about illnesses ranging from the common cold to COVID-19 are extraordinary. Most notably, there is no shortage of ways to add elderberry to your diet; it can be in the form of jelly, syrup, and even holiday season pie.

But what about for your kids? What kind of effects does elderberry have on children?

Here are the five most critical ways in which elderberry can help keep your child healthy.

Elderberry defends against pediatric cancers

Childhood cancer is rare, but so is getting into a fatal car crash- and both cases, “rare” doesn’t mean “it can’t happen.” So it’s best to always stock up on antioxidants… a box that elderberry comfortably checks off. Elderberry has a way of fighting against pathways that could lead to the creation of tumors. That means you might just be beating cancer cells to the punch- the ultimate no risk, high reward move!

Elderberry boosts immune systems

This is also the case for adults who consume elderberry products, but the importance of a boosted immune system is perhaps even more important in children. With kids going to school and sitting close to and playing with other children for hours upon hours each day, you’re going to want to ensure that their immune systems are as strong as they can be. A healthy diet of elderberries (and the Vitamin C that comes with it) can help proactively fight infections, and thus decrease the odds that a child will get sick with any of the countless diseases that could be floating around at any given time.

Elderberry strengthens the eyesight

The human eyesight isn’t meant to consume hours of screen time on daily basis, but the reality is that in order to function in most jobs or even in schools, there isn’t a choice. Luckily, elderberries can help with that! The Vitamin A that elderberry contains provides the perfect healing qualities for eyes that stare at screens for extended periods of time, thus negating the adverse effects.

Elderberry toughens up children’s bones

Elderberries are comprised of a healthy amount of lycopene, a strong antioxidant that strengthens the human bones. Elderberries also contain healthy amounts of calcium, iron, and potassium. This means that a steady diet of elderberry products feeds the skeletal makeup with plenty of nourishment. 

Elderberry assists children’s respiratory systems

Aside from merely boosting children’s immune systems, elderberries are generally known to be a nasty weapon against colds, bronchitis, and asthma. Nasty for the illnesses, that is, meaning that these diseases do not fare well against the elderberries- but they’re great for children! Children who always seem to be coughing and wheezing will love what elderberries can do for them. And yes, this also means that elderberry products do a great job punching back against COVID-19!

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