Why zinc should be included in your daily supplements

Why zinc should be included in your daily supplements

One of the main health benefits that come with consuming elderberry gummies is the addition of zinc to your system. Zinc, which is often referred to as the “gatekeeper of immune function,” possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help keep the immune system regulated. That means that consuming zinc comes with a lot of different health benefits!

What is zinc?

So what, exactly, is zinc?

You might know zinc as a natural element with the abbreviation of Zn on the elemental chart, but for the purposes of human beings’ growth and development, it’s actually much more than that.

The average adult human body naturally contains somewhere between two and three grams of zinc- which is roughly the same weight as a penny, a large paperclip, or a pair of playing cards. Most of your body’s supply of zinc is found in your liver, blood cells, kidneys, skeletal muscles, and bones.

That base supply of zinc that your body inherently has does a lot to keep you healthy, but supplying your body with additional doses of the element can do even more to combat diseases. Zinc is an essential trace metal that does some of the heavy lifting in terms of fighting off foreign pathogens, so equipping your body with even more of it via daily doses of elderberry gummies can make you that much more likely to fight off viruses and bacteria- and recover from any illnesses that they might have caused.

In addition to elderberry gummies, zinc can also be found in other products, such as beef, shellfish, pork, and peanuts.

How does zinc keep you healthy?

In short, zinc is generally regarded as one of the best weapons you can supply your body with against foreign pathogens. As a weapon, zinc is extremely versatile and can serve numerous purposes at the same time.

Connections have been drawn between zinc deficiencies and being more susceptible to diseases than the average person. Zinc can help you ward off the common cold more quickly. Being stockpiled with zinc has been proven to decrease the susceptibility to pneumonia. Oh, and zinc has been shown to be an effective weapon against COVID-19

When your body does not have enough zinc, a condition referred to as zinc deficiency, that so-called gatekeeper of your immune function is no longer doing its job of keeping the metaphorical gate. That makes it easier for diseases to get you sick! It’s worth noting, however, that the human body does not know how to store excess amounts of zinc for later use; therefore, in order for it to be utilized properly, it must be eaten on a regular basis. 

Try some of our elderberry products!

Would you like to see the benefits of elderberries for yourself? RD Naturals offers a wide range of elderberry products that can help give your body the nutrients it needs! Our elderberry gummies have added zinc and vitamin c.  From elderberry syrup, to elderberry extract, to elderberry gummies, you have plenty of choices for how you can consume these nutrition-packed supplements!

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